Pwll Nofio /  Swimming Pool

Nofio Cyhoeddus / Daily Public Swimming

Mae’n bosib nofio cyn neu ar ol gwaith, gofynwch i staf y ganolfan i rhoi lon i fewn i chi gael nofio hyd y pwll – unrhyw amser.

Fancy a leisurely swim after or before work, please ask for a lane to be put in the pool if you want to do some lengths.

Nofio Oedolion / Adult Swimming

Sesiynnau i Oedolion yn unig, amseroedd distawl heb plant i chi gael nofio hyd y pwll.

These are sessions for Adults only where you get one with doing your lengths in peace and we guarantee no children will jump in front of you as you swim !

Swim-Fit Cymru / Swim-Fit Wales

‘Swim-Fit’ – sesiwn i nofwyr cryf i gryfhau eich fitrwydd yn y dwr – gret i rhai sydd eisiau cryfhau ei nofio tuag at ras.

Do you fancy working on your technique, need some motivation during your swimming training, these sessions are for able swimmers – they are aimed at improving your swimming fitness and challenge you a bit. You will be allocated a lane in accordance to your ability and given set tasks to achieve during the session – it’s great for working on your fitness or training towards a triathlon or a swimming challenge that you have entered.

Gwersi Nofio / Swimming Lessons

I blant neu Oedolion – gwersi i rhai sydd ddim yn gallu nofio, rhai sydd yn gallu nofio ac rhai of safon uchel.  Mae’n bosib cael gwersi 1:1 gan un o hyffordwyr nofio ni.  Mae gen athrawon nofio ni flynyddoedd o brofiad o dan ei belt – ac mae yna dosbarth i bawb sydd eisiau dysgu.

For Children and Adults – we run confidence classes for non-swimmers, intermediate and advances classes. We can also offer 1:1 lessons from our qualified team of swimming instructors. Most of our Swimming Teachers have years of experience under their belt in teaching swimming – if you want to learn to swim (no matter what age!), we will have a class for you.

Caiacio / Kayaking

Mae’n bosib Caiacio yn y pwll, mae yna wersi neu amseroedd trio i oedolion a blant.

Yes… you can Kayak in our pool, we sessions set up for both adults and children with qualified instructors.

Deifio dan Dwr / Sub-Aqua

Mae’n diddorol gweld gwaelod y pwll – mae hwn ar gael i oedolion sydd eisiau dysgu sut i ddeifio o dan dwr !

Do you want to see what is at the bottom of our pool !!this is open to adult who would like to learn to dive with expert instruction.

Clwb Nofio / Swimming club

Mae Clwb Nofio Harlech wedi bob o gwmpas ers rhai blynyddoedd ac yn llwyddianus iawn.  Mae yna nofwyr o safon cenedlaethol ac mae hi yn werth dod i weld nhw yn nofio.  Mae’r athrawon nofio yn gofyn i plant sydd yn dod i nofio gyda’r ysgol neu gwersi perifat i ymuno ar clwb nofio.  Mae’r clwb yn cystadlu o gwpas a wlad gyda llwyddiant arferchog.  Mae’n bosib i chi ymuno y clwb am sesiwn hyfforddi tra bo chi yn yr ardal.

Harlech Swimming Club has been around for a few years and is extremely successful. We have national standard swimmers in the club and it is well worth coming to see them train, we will ask swimmers from the lessons and schools to come and join the club. The Club attends Gala and have a high success rate. You can also join the club for training sessions if you are away from your local club and want to keep up your training whilst in the area.

Heini Dwr / Aqua-Fit

Sesiynnau heini dwr – a ffordd dda o godi ffitrwydd.  Does dim rhaid i chi fod yn gallu nofio, ac mae’n bosib aros wrth yml yr ochr gyda’ch traed ar y llawr trwyr amser.  Mae heini dwr yn dda i’r cymalau a ffordd hwyl o gadw yn heini.  Gan eich bod yn gweithio yn fwy caled yn y dwr na ar y lan …..mae’r sesiynnau yma yn gret i bawb, felly does dim esgis ddim i’w drio !

Do you fancy a go at doing some aerobics in the pool, these sessions are a great way of getting into shape, you don’t need to be able to swim and can stay close to the side with your feet on the floor. Aqua-Fit is one of the best forms of fitness, whilst in the water; it is low impact and great for your joints and building your fitness levels and GREAT fun. You work harder in the water than on land ……….so there’s no excuse why you can’t give it a go !

Hwyl Plant / Kids fun

Dyma’r amser am hwyl a sbri i blant yn y pwll, mae gennym ‘floats’ mawr, ffyn plymbio i chi gael hwyl yn y pwll.  Mae’r anghenfil mawr melyn yn dod i’r pwll bob hyn a hyn ac y Cwrs ‘obsticle’ newydd – gweler yr amserlen am wybodaeth.

This is when we throw floats, diving sticks into the pool to have fun with, we also have session when the big inflatable monster makes an appearance also the brand new floating Obsticle Course !